Smart, sustainable and beautiful modular architecture.
DMDmodular creates better modular environment.

about us

DMDmodular features advanced off-site building methods offering turn-key products in a fast–track modular and construction solution, which offers minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation. We guaranty high-end quality finishing product as well as up to 50% time saving due to production in a dry, factory controlled environment, and then transportation of the complete building parts to a fully prepared site, for a faster return on your investment. / see offer

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why modular?

The basic diference between modular building and traditional building lies in the method of completing the building. In case of the first technique, there are two stages of works – prefabrication of the structure at an of-site facility followed by assembly on the target location later on.

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Last AC module left DMDmodular today

Last AC module left today from DMDmodular factory in Poland. Soon will be stacked as one of the 26th floor of...

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SmallVille – Student Housing in Swiss’s village

DMD presents latest project of a Student Housing located in the picturesque town of Sion in Switzerland. The seconf phase...

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New DMD’s product! Smart House A35bV

The new A35bV project has just been added to our Smart Living modular house series. On 35 sqm located are...

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