About us

about us

DMDmodular features advanced off-site building methods offering turn-key products in a fast–track modular and construction solutions with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation. We guaranty up to 50% time saving due to production in a dry, factory controlled environment, and then transporting of the complete building parts to a fully prepared site, for a faster return on your investment.

Our experience involves planning, designing (including interiors), construction and equipment supply to different type facilities with special attention to Hotels, Residential, Students Apartments and Elderly Houses /see offer

Our aim is to continuously improve proven products and to develop new, innovative solutions in order to create sustainable buildings that are cost-effective for the customer.

our vision Providing modular solutions in which technology, quality and beauty come together as an integral entity.

our team

The interdisciplinary team of DMDm brings together a knowledge of architecture design, interior design, civil engineering, a seasoned staff and production workers as well as top-level management and logistics. This experience is complemented by collaboration with suppliers, counterparties and specialists.

The team possesses several years’ experience in the construction of modular buildings for the private and public sectors, both in Poland and abroad. The technology applied and the experienced team provide optimal solutions for the projects with regard to their economical, constructive and functional aspects.

our facility

Our production facility is located in Skawina, a town located 15 minutes’ drive from Krakow Airport, and 75 minutes’ from Katowice Airport. The facility occupies around 4.37 ha of area, including around 11 500 sq.m. of modern and fully-equipped production facilities. DMD’s factory can provide a capacity of up to 50 modules per month.

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DMDm company is present on both domestic and international markets, including Germany, Austria, Holland, Great Britain & United States.