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AC Nomad Hotel by Marriott

DMDmodular is proud to be selected as the modular manufacturer and provider of all guest rooms to the AC Hotel by Marriott which will be the worlds tallest modular hotel.

The 4* hotel of 25 floors and 96 m. In height is will be located by the 6th Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. First four floors where common spaces – bars, restaurants – are located will be done in traditional construction, as well as, the communication core (stairs and lifts). The other 21 storeys will be constructed utilising Volumetrically designed modular units. Each floor consists of 8 modules which are 8 independent guest rooms.

The building site of the forthcoming Modular Hotel is between West 30th and 29th Streets a few blocks south of Macy's and Herald Square, at 842 Sixth Avenue in NYC. A marble-clad, 5-story structure on-site is currently being demolished.

DMD's role is the manufacturing subcontractor for 168 modular guest rooms, responsible for full scope of high-end finishing and fitting out all the hotel rooms. The architectural project was designed by Danny Forster from Danny Forster & Architecture. The GC and Prime Manufacturer is Skystone. DMDmodular is proud to be a part of an amazing modular project which will push the boundaries of the whole modular construction industry.

Photos: credit: DMDmodular
Graphics: credit: Danny Forster & Architecture