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Modular Spa

Spa designed and produced in modular technology – treatment rooms, fitness room and jacuzzi as a part of ne of our hospitality projects. The project was designed as an extension to the existing 4-star hotel near Warsaw, Poland.

The client chose DMDm modular technology to minimize the inconveniences during construction – as no heavy work was required on site, the existing hotel was able to continue working with almost no interruption. New-built part comprises of 7 4-star luxury rooms and a spacious suite on the first floor and a spa on the ground floor featuring a hammam, jacuzzi, massage and a large fitness room. It is connected to the existing building via a two-storey glazed corridor.

Modular design and construction is a growing trend in Hospitality. Prefabricated fully equipped and prefinished modules, with all furniture and equipment installed at the factory are the guarantee that every room meets your guests’ expectations. If you would like to visit and learn more about the modular technology on the case of hotel Bonifacio, please contact us.