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Healthcare Facility

DMDmodular is an exclusive manufacturer in the European market for RAD Technology Medical System's patented healthcare facilities. RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) was founded on the needs of improving specialty healthcare facility access and partnered with DMDmodular to achieve the same.

RAD, with DMD, will offer turnkey solutions from planning and site development to commissioning… just add patients. Facilities can be leased as interim or short deployment solutions. Let us plan, finance and develop your next healthcare project.

Our accelerated construction method allows our healthcare facilities to be completed in months instead of years. Our flexible solutions are constructed off-site, minimizing disruptions to doctors, patients and staff. Buildings range in size and can be permanent, interim or temporary.

Our custom healthcare solutions include modular radiotherapy bunkers and clinics, modular medical oncology facilities, modular specialty clinical facilities, modular surgical sterilization processing facilities, modular proton bunkers and clinics Imaging and diagnostic modular facilities, modular emergency departments, modular operating theaters, assisted living and convalescent modular facilities/homes, modular laboratories and modular urgent care centers.