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Summer House

DMD Summer House project is a set of one- and two-module homes designed to be easily deployed in remote locations. Requiring little to no foundation and on-site work it is a perfect solution for spots the where surrounding should be preserved.

The self-contained design of DMD Summer House makes it possible to eliminate most finishing works that usually take place after placing the modules. It makes every unit a complete piece of technology and design.

The one-unit Summer House comprises of a living room with a retractable bed or a sofa, compact kitchen with a breakfast table and a small bathroom. Additional terrace enables expanding the living space into the surrounding scenery.

Two-unit designs take advantage of a roofed terrace to eliminate the need for corridors inside the building, thus maximizing the living areas, making it also especially easy to expand the summer house with additional modules. The basic layout features a sleeping unit and a living-kitchen-toilet unit. In case of more demanding climate a more traditional compact design can be chosen.