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AC Hotel by Marriott – prototype 1

We present you the prototype phase of the project - Modular Hotel AC Marriott which will be located at 842 Sixth Avenue in New York.

This phase completed in November 2017 included the production of two guestrooms based on two cages. Produced at our production facility. Each Guest Room is based on one singular modular unit.

Guest rooms that are created by DMDmodular company are classic and modern design as well as quality and aesthetics, which are combine into an integral whole.

Modules, which are presented in our factory are dedicated to the hotel industry. They show the capabilities of DMDmodular company in the implementation of even the most demanding projects. The quality of our product is the same like the best world standards, which you could check in our factory in Skawina. Modules of hotel rooms that are created in the DMDmodular factory are characterized by functionality, attention to detail and quality.

Modules that are created in the DMDmodular factory are distinguished by the fact that prefabrication of individual modules and elements reaches even 90%. This means a significant saving of resources and time on the construction site, where the only work is to connect the module to the media and finish at the interface and at the module connections.

The modules presented in the pictures could be visited at the factory in Skawina, where we have a mini show-room wchich was prepared for investors interested in the hotel industry.